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Quality improvements

Quality improvements - The Airport and surrounding
In recent years the Ministry of Development, through AENA, has invested 120 million euros in improvements at the airport of Girona.

The Cercle Catala de Negocis (Catalan Business Association) estimates that the annual net profit of operations at the airport of Girona is 25 million euros.

The improvements made in recent years include the installation of ILS (Instrument Landing System) which allows landing and takeoff in bad weather.

The coveted PIF (Border Inspection Point) has not produced the results that were expected by the regional business community.

The control tower, parking, and significant changes in the terminals, complete these improvements.

In November 2008 the airport was certified ISO-9001 European (AENOR), a quality label which ensures that the organisation of activities and processes is satisfactory to both users and the airlines that operate in it.


The airport has seen a dramatic increase in passengers from the 620 thousand in 2001 to more than 5.5 million in 2008. In 2010 there was a slight decline caused by several factors - bad weather; a volcanic eruption in Iceland; Air Controllers' strike in France; walk-out of Air Traffic Controllers in Spain, etc.

In 2011 the downward trend increased as a result of the refusal of the new Catalan government of the Generalitat de Catalunya to ratify the agreements signed by the outgoing government with Ryanair. From 2012 to 2015 numbers are not better.

Milions of passengers at the airport Girona-Costa Brava


Year Passengers Year Passengers
2002 0.50 2009 5.29
2003 1.40 2010 4.86
2004 2.96 2011 3.01
2005 3.53 2012 2.84
2006 3.61 2013 2.74
2007 4.85 2014 2.16
2008 5.51 2015 1.78